Get Involved!

I’d like to help — how can I get involved with your campaign?

The best way to help campaigns is always through word-of-mouth exposure. If you would direct this website to anyone who may be interested in this campaign, then I couldn’t possibly ask for anything more!

Another way to help is through monetary contributions. Those contributions are used for outreach efforts only. For example, we recently paid for a spot in the Orange County Voter Information Guide:

My statement of qualification, as seen in the Orange County Voter Information Guide for the general election.

A fee of just under $2,000 was used to print and mail out an official 250-word statement for over 250,000 Orange County voters to consider. It’s the best form of voter outreach possible. In the world of politics, it’s rare to have the opportunity to have had 130 messages sent out through an official medium for only $1.

Funds raised in the future will be used to pay for future outreach costs, such as graphics and card-printing.

Here’s how to donate, if you’re interested:

PayPal Link
Or if you’d like to send your donation directly, my PayPal address is “”.

Whether you choose to support this effort through your hard-earned cash, through your voice, or most importantly, your vote, I can only give you my sincerest gratitude and a promise to serve to the best of my capabilities in Sacramento.

Thank you so much!