Vote “Leon Sit” for State Assembly!

Who are you, and what is this website for?

My name is Leon Sit, and I’m running as an Independent candidate for the California State Assembly in the 59th district. This is my official campaign website, where you can learn more about who I am, what I stand for, and what I intend to do if elected.

Why are you running?

I started this campaign back in April to make sure that Assemblyman Phillip Chen would face an opponent, after no one in our district of half a million filed to run against him in the election by the March deadline.

I have since won the June primary election, meaning that the Assemblyman and I are tasked with offering our district two choices for voters in November.

Why do you deserve my vote?

Let’s start with some statistics. 39.6% of the district’s voters are registered Republicans, while 32.5% are registered with the Democrats, and the remaining 27.9% are aligned with neither.

It goes without saying a strong majority of the district does not affiliate with the Republican Party, so to best reflect the district in its entirety, we should be open to electing a candidate willing to lend an ear to the other 60% in addition to the 40% already represented on the ballot.

The Assemblyman can be considered as a safe party-line vote for the Assembly Republicans, with CalMatters rating his record as the 10th most conservative out of 80 Assemblymembers, but he abstains on hot-button issues, such as abortion and reparations for slavery. When he does cross the aisle, it’s to help take away the voters’ right to approve public housing. I believe our representatives should be prepared to take and defend controversial positions. That’s why we elect them — to give us a voice in Sacramento. But ultimately it should be our voice that rings in the Assembly chamber. That’s why we have elections, and that’s why I worked to make this race a competitive one.

I want the best representation for the 59th district, and that means upholding my responsibilities as a candidate: by being transparent, accessible, and attentive. Again, my original goal wasn’t to win, it was to give voters a choice.

My goal as a candidate for the State Assembly is to help turn this state around by helping our economic, cultural, and ecological environments flourish. This means taking on a culture of single-use plastics and driving down living costs to build a more robust economy. Our future depends on our ability to work towards solutions to both the problems of today and tomorrow.

I’m a free-thinking outsider who is accountable only to his voters. The alternative would be a partisan Assemblyman who has no incentive to step back from party orthodoxy and weigh each issue individually.

I funded myself through the primary, but I’m now open to receiving small-dollar donations via PayPal.

If you want a candidate who you can trust to serve his constituents and not party bosses or lobbyist groups, then I am your candidate.