Meet Leon

Leon Sit is a second-year engineering student at the University of California, Los Angeles, and graduated from Foothill High School as a part of the Class of 2021. He’s running as an independent, without party preference, because his objective goes beyond party labels. It’s a matter of keeping local democracy healthy and making politicians answer to the people who hire them: the voters.

Leon was born in Irvine, and has lived in central Orange County ever since.Whether it’s in the world of politics, in the fields of STEM, or in any other dimension of learning, Leon meets everything new with an open mind and open ear. He’s an approachable and straightforward man on a mission: to present our state with new ideas and approaches, to give his Assembly District a fair shake in November, and to hold Assemblyman Phillip Chen accountable to his voters.

Leon got involved in politics through his mapmaking hobby, sifting through data and creating crisp graphic representations of the way people make their voices heard at the ballot box. He writes for Split Ticket, a nonpartisan political analysis blog which digs into elections throughout the United States.

In his free time, Leon likes to enjoy the rich diversity of trails found throughout Orange County. Whether it’s the Mountains to Sea Trail or the sidewalks of a local park, he can often be seen on a run or a bike ride.

Feel free to contact him at: